Lorena’s perspective on Milan

Lorena’s perspective on Milan
2 November 2016 Admin Developer
Lorena Manelli customer perspective Caftanii Firenze dakota tartan coat

Text by Azhar
Photo by Anna
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November is a magical month in Milan: weather becomes more humid and therefore brings a little bit of romance with it. Here, with aeré girl and muse Lorena Manelli, a former IMG model, who worked for such luxury brands as Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Prada among others and is now pursuing her next goals while being part of the Jil Sander creative team, we explore the philosophy of calmness and curiousity when making fashion decisions. 


On what keeps me going

“I’m an explorer.
I love to dwell on each new thing that life, work and my instincts continue to give me. As soon as I have free time I go toward the nature that makes me feel good more than anything else: without nature I could never work for subtraction and live among the superstructures that too often surround us.”

On what to wear

“It’s like being in front of a blank canvas, sitting on a stool with a full palette of colors… A few forms and a few colors. Simple and spontaneous. The curiosity to turn around, stop and continue to look for something to express have helped me to enrich the taste that brings me every day to choose what to wear. One of my favourite pieces that I wear during a sunny autumn day is a vintage Valentino Prince of Wales blazer that I found in a flea market during one of my trips – that is why I chose the coat Dakota in Tartan by Caftanii Firenze because I could never part with that print that I love.”

On Milan

“I traveled the world for years but Milan is the only place that is able to keep me: the narrow streets that open onto large squares full of history, parks that become oases of oxygen in a city that is often hectic and agitated, a local coffee shop that I love to come back to.
My nature of being insatiable is also my most remarkable peculiarities: I will continue to walk many kilometers, to discover new forms and colors that are able to capture my attention, but it is possible that the only thing I need is here, on the streets of my home town…”

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