Sara’s perspective on minimalism

Sara’s perspective on minimalism
2 December 2016 Admin Developer
Infinite Blue by Joseph Kosuth at Bkn Museum

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Art-curator and minimalist Sara Catalan from New York is muse and customer. As part of our “My perspective” series, Sara talks about her love for the minimalist movement and how it is about finding and keeping things of substance. 


On minimalism

“To me minimalism is the ability to strip down to the essential – to avoid the noise of the superfluous and recognize the authentic. Less is always more. I believe  this is the secret  to quality both in fashion and design, as well as art and  life.  In  a  time  when  consumerism  has  overtaken  so  many  of  our  habits  and  interactions,  practicing minimalism  is  both  liberating  and  gratifying.  It’s  almost  like  Buddhism  as  you  feel  wiser  and  stronger  while learning to recognize what is indispensable and what you can prescind from.”

On minimalist art

“In  art,  minimalism  extends  the  abstract  idea  that  art  should  have its  own  reality,  instead  of  imitating  nature  or reflecting  a  feeling.  In  minimalist  art  there  is  nothing  else  than what  you  see  and  the  artist’s  intention  is  for  the viewer  to  react  to nothing other  than  what is in front of  them. Just as in architecture,  the medium and material from  which  a  piece  is  made  is  the  reality,  not  some  exterior  or adjunct  representation.  In  the  words  of  the minimalist painter Frank Stella ‘What you see is what you see.’

On architecture

“When selecting apparel and accessories there is always an exercise of deciding if a piece matches your reality –not something exterior or untrue. Here minimalism encourages you to be confident with who you are and with the style that shows it off most genuinely. As  a  curator  and  designer  it  is  a  treat  to  begin  the  project  of designing  my  new  home.  I  feel  it’s  fundamental  to have  a  clear  concept  in  mind,  take  my  time  and  choose  objects  with a  soul.  I  am  following  a  cradle -to-cradle approach,  where  every  piece  is  reused  and  repurposed  –  trying  to  not  feed  into  the  current  system  of overproduction. And I have  to say, I’m finding incredible pieces both in flea markets and thrift stores! I especially love Housing Works, were all the revenue goes to helping HIV/AIDS patients. The  apartment  is  a  tiny  attic  in  Brooklyn,  full  of  the  stunning  light  that  so  often  takes  my  breath  away.  It  has always been part of my trademark as a designer to use as few elements as possible, honoring the magnificence  of the  empty  space  and  the  materials  that  compose  the  structure. “

On New York

“It’s extremely easy to find inspiration in New York, even when you’re not looking. From the sunset light bathing the façades  and  trees in  a  West  Village  street,  to  concerts  in  the  park  all  summer  long. The  New  Museum  and  the Brooklyn  Museum  are  my  obligatory  stops,  while ‘Cocktails  &  Conversations’  at  the  AIA  Center  for  Architecture allow one to combine the best mixologists with  the most iconic architects; and of course, and it’s always amazing to check out  the concerts at Celebrate Brooklyn or BAM Café Live. There is no way out from being inspired by this city! “

Sara’s picks:

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