Flow’s perspective on women

Flow’s perspective on women
2 November 2016 Admin Developer
Flow so fly minimal one line drawing black and white

Text by Azhar
Drawings by Flow

Despite offering womenswear, aere-store.com is proud to list also male devotees among its customer list. One of them is Flow, a talented one-line drawing artist from Austria, and a true bon viveur who seeks inspiration through art and women. Especially for aere-store.com, Flow has created one of his mood drawings that represents aeré‘s girl – a woman, whose story is told by the viewer…

On what inspires

“Drawing has always been within me since childhood and if most people tend to stop for whatever reason, I guess I just never stopped. About 2 or 3 years ago,  I started to express some ideas, and while living in Milan and being surrounded by creative people, I set myself this challenge to get better at it and draw something new every day.

I am often inspired by women I see on the street. Just the way she briefly smiles while reading a book in the metro is enough for me to get inspired just by that – the moment that expresses that unique personal charm, something that can keep a man awake at night.

On captions

I try to express something complex in a simple way and give a lot of freedom to the viewer, so that he/she completes the story in his/her head, and interprets it the way he/she feels like.  A caption helps to start telling this story and a viewer then gives its own ending. I try to give an idea of incompleteness through my drawings. Any type of art should trigger something in you, be it a quote, a person, or a memory…”

On collaborations

I think there are different ways to collaborate. There are more personal ones, and then there are more commercial ones. My first collaborations started with people requesting to tattoo my works through Instagram.

Artists in a traditional way try to make it into a museum or a gallery and in these modern days, social media is a sort of your own gallery. So you have that on the one hand and then you have people putting your artworks on their bodies and it is some sort of a more intimate way to connect to people. This is so exciting that I can’t stop drawing. “

Flow’s edit for his girl:

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