Allison’s perspective on shopping online

Allison’s perspective on shopping online
13 January 2017 Admin Developer
Allison Johnson customer perspective Marskin Ryyppy tiwa pumps

 Post by Azhar’s muse and inspiration is and has always been the client. Client’s unique perspective on clothes and shopping is what drives the store everyday to offer something new and unique.

One such client and muse is Allison is from Texas, USA. Even if we’ve never met Allison in person, there is an instant connection thanks to her easy, curious and positive attitude. For, Allison talks about her way of shopping, her favourite items and how she discovered 



“Most everything I purchase is online. Good websites that are easy to navigate and well curated are almost always added to my favorites. I discovered about a month ago and I am in love. So many pieces I haven’t seen anywhere else.  I saw a pair of Marskinryppyy shoes here in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas and immediately started searching for them, which led me to”

On what I like to wear:

“My favorite items in my closet right now are a black Thakoon sweater with embroidered flowers with a bright orange lined hoodie and some R13 black jeans. In regards to fashion, when I see something I want, nothing can stop me. The hunt is part of the fun. When good people are helping me and suggesting outfits to put together, I usually listen to them, otherwise I would wear jeans and a white t-shirt every day. I’m definitely a pants/jeans girl. Dresses are great but I’m more comfortable in separates. Shoes have always been my favorite thing to buy.”

On discovering new fashion:

“Fashion is fun. It is a way for me to express myself and I love talking about clothes and shoes. When I see something I really like, usually, I sleep on it or wait until it goes on sale and then purchase. Discovering new pieces and wearing them for the first time is exhilarating. Customer service is very important to me and plays a big role in where I shop. Aere is very good in this department, it made me want to keep shopping. Each piece I’ve purchased is so unique. The Martiniano Glove shoes in blue are my latest obsession.”

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